Which Types of Bread Have the Most Protein?

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Protein is an important nutrient in any diet. Not only will protein keep you full and satiated between meals, but it is also essential for building and maintaining muscle mass. Eating a high-protein diet has many health benefits, including lower blood pressure, fewer cravings and better metabolism. A good rule of thumb to follow when you are trying to boost your intake of protein is to consume at least one protein source with every meal or snack.

Meat, eggs, beans and legumes are a few well-known sources of protein. While bread typically isn't considered a good source of protein and often has a bad reputation when it comes to healthy eating, the amount of protein in bread can vary a lot depending on the type. See the list below for which breads have the highest protein content.

White Bread

Protein in 100 Calories: 3.3g
The standard to which the other breads on this list are measured, your standard sandwich white bread comes in at 3.3g of protein per 100 calories. While it is often derided as one of the foods most Americans need to cut back on, white bread can still be a part of a healthy diet in moderation. Most white flour today is now fortified with a variety of nutrients, which helps make up for those that are lost during the refining process.


Protein per 200 calories: 3.9g
Making sourdough bread on your own is more complicated than baking other types of bread because it needs more rising time. Rather than leavening the bread using yeast, you allow the flour and water to ferment to create the dough. This process makes the bread rich in Vitamin B and increases the digestibility of the food. The amount of protein in sourdough bread varies depending on the recipe you use or brand you buy, but in general, it has five grams of protein.

Ezekiel Bread

Protein per 100 calories: 7.0g
Ezekiel bread, also known as sprouted wheat bread, is made with legumes as the protein source, so it is a vegan-friendly option for people with dietary restrictions. Because it is a bread made with sprouted grains, a single serving contains all nine amino acids. You get five grams of protein per serving, making it one of the most protein rich breads.

Multigrain Bread

Protein in 100 Calories: 5.0g
All carbs are not created equal, so while white bread is often viewed as an unhealthy carb, whole-grain breads are a staple for a healthy, nutritious diet. There are many types of grains that are used to make different types of bread, and multi-grain loaves consist of at least two types of grain. Look for bread that is made with several whole grains to aid your nutrition. Protein value varies widely, but you can generally expect multi-grain bread to have five to seven grams of protein per serving.

Whole Wheat Bread

Protein in 100 Calories: 4.9g
Whole wheat bread is made with whole-wheat flour to improve its nutritional value. While it does contain gluten it is made with all-natural ingredients to help you feel satiated after every meal. It's not a low-carb option, but with six grams of protein in every serving, this bread is a delicious addition to your diet. 

Oat Bread

Protein in 100 Calories: 3.1g
Oat bread, also called oatmeal bread, is one of the most nutritious types of bread you can add to your diet. While you can buy it in many grocery stores, it is relatively easy to make oat bread from scratch at home. The primary ingredients are whole-wheat flour, ground oats and honey. The nutrition of oat bread varies widely across different recipes, but you can expect to get at least six grams of protein per serving.

Rye Bread

Protein in 100 Calories: 3.3g
Rye bread gets its darker color from rye flour, which can be used in varying amounts depending on the recipe used. Rye bread has a higher amount of fiber than many other breads, and has a stronger flavor. However, per calorie, rye bread has the same amount of protein as standard white bread.

Although many people avoid bread because it has a bad rap for healthy diets, choosing high-protein bread is a good way to add more of this important macronutrient to your diet. Eating healthy grains and plenty of protein helps you build muscle and curb cravings, so eating any of the breads discussed above can  improve your nutrition. The Prospre app can help you create a healthy diet plan with the exact amount of protein you want.

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