We are always happy to hear from anyone with an interest in partnering with us. Whether you're an influencer, blogger, fitness professional, gym, or fitness technology company, we would love to hear from you on how you think we can work together. For inquiries, email us at

Recipe Bloggers

With our meal plan generator plugin, we can provide you with a meal plan generator on your own website. We can help your audience engage more deeply with your content by enabling them to create custom meal plans using your recipes. We would love to feature your recipes in Prospre. Real recipes made by real people are the best way to inspire our users and help them enjoy their food.

We are always open to new ways of collaborating with recipe bloggers. If you have a recipe blog, click here.


If you are an influencer who is looking to share Prospre with your followers, we have some exclusive benefits to help you grow your audience. We can provide you with extended free trials and discounts to give to your followers. Depending on your audience size, we can also provide you with a commission for each user who purchases Prospre Pro.

If you are an influencer, click here.

Dietitians, Nutritionists and Coaches

If you are a nutrition professional. We would love to hear from you on how we can work together. Similar to influencers, we can provide you with extended free trials and discounts for your clients. If you have a strong web presence, a custom meal plan generator for your website and a commission for each user who purchases Prospre Pro.

If you are a dietitian or nutritionist, click here.

Gyms and Sports Clubs

We can provide you with discounts or extended free trials that you can use as a member bonus. Let us know any other ways that we can help you and your members.

If you represent a gym or sports club, click here.

Meal Delivery Services and Restaurants

Our meal plans can be generated any custom recipes, including recipes from restaurants and meal delivery services. We would love to feature your recipes and products in Prospre to help our users enjoy your food.

If you represent a meal delivery service or restaurant, click here.

Fitness Technology Companies

We are always looking for ways to improve the experience for our users. Any way that we can integrate with your product to provide a better experience for our users is a win-win.

If you represent a fitness tech company, click here.

Grocery Delivery Services and Grocery Stores

Prospre integrates with Amazon Fresh to populate your cart with your grocery list. However, some users are not be able to access Amazon Fresh, may prefer to use other grocery delivery services, or shop in-store. New partnerships will help us bring convenient grocery features to everyone.

If you represent a grocery store, click here.

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