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Try out the meal plan generator below, as seen in the Prospre Meal Planner App.

This generator will create a custom meal plan based on the macros provided. It will also provide a grocery list for the week and recipes to help with meal prep. You can enter your own macros, or use the calculator below.

For more personalization based on diet and preferences, a macro tracker to go with the diet plan, and more, check out our app.

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Get your Meal Plan below!
Get your Meal Plan below!

Is this meal plan generator automatic?

Yes! When you submit your macros using the form above, a unique meal plan will be automatically created using the meal plan generator from the Prospre meal planner app. While the meal plan maker above only takes into account the calories and macronutrients submitted through the form, our app can make meal plans based on macros, diet restrictions, preferences, and more. When using the Prospre app, you will also be able to view your grocery list, replace individual days or meals. There are plenty of awesome features to help you make a meal plan that is fully customized for you.

How does the macro calculator work?

The macro calculator above uses the recommendations of reputable medical sources, such as the USDA’s Acceptable Macronutrient Distribution Ranges (AMDRs), and the formulas provided by their Nutrition Calculators. This helps to ensure that the suggestions provided fall within a healthy range for most people. Once these acceptable ranges are obtained, Prospre pinpoints the exact macros provided using our own proprietary algorithms.

How does the meal plan creator work?

The meal plan creator takes in your macros and calories, and creates a diet plan for the whole week. We select meals from our list that come together to hit your macros each and every day. This can be a useful tool for people following If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM, which is also known as flexible dieting) who want more structure in their meal planning and preparation. It is still a great tool even if you don’t follow IIFYM, because our meal plans are made to contain the amount of calories that is right for you. Remember to check out the Prospre app to see how you can further customize your meal plan and set yourself up for success.

Is counting macros important for dieting?

Counting macros can certainly be helpful for some people when trying to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. However, that does not mean that this is recommended for everyone. For more information on some of the pros and cons of macro countings, we have a blog article about it that you can read.

Is this meal plan generator free?

Yes! This meal plan generator is free to use. It is also one of the tools that you will get in the free version of the Prospre meal planner app, which is available on both iOS and Android.

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