The Top Protein Rich Cheeses

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Taking care of your body and reaching your personal health goals is about so much more than exercise alone. The foods you eat play the most important role in weight loss and muscle gain. If you're looking to build strength and muscle, it's essential to eat plenty of protein on a daily basis. There are many delicious ways to enjoy this vital nutrient, including protein rich cheese.

Your Top 10 Choices for Protein Rich Cheese

Cheese can be a guilty pleasure when consumed in excess, but choosing low fat cheese that's high in protein is a great way to build muscle and strengthen your bones, all while helping to keep you satiated until your next meal or snack. Check out the list below to see which cheeses have the most protein. As you compare each one, keep in mind that one serving of cheese is equal to one and a half ounces.

1. Parmesan Cheese

Protein per 100 Calories: 9.1g
The clear champion of protein rich cheese options is none other than parmesan. This salty, bright, and flavorful hard cheese provides 15 grams of protein per serving. This cheese is also lower in lactose than many other options so those with sensitive stomachs are more likely to tolerate it well. Parmesan is delicious on its own and a great way to add an extra dose of protein to soups and salads.

2. Swiss Cheese

Protein per 100 Calories: 6.9g
Swiss cheese is another one of the highest protein cheese options out there, offering 12 grams per serving. It's a lower sodium option and has ACE-inhibiting properties, making it a great choice for those who need to focus on lowering blood pressure levels. This versatile cheese has a pungent bite and melts well, so it's a great addition to recipes, but can also be enjoyed on its own.

3. Pecorino Romano

Protein per 100 Calories: 10.0g
Similar to parmesan cheese, pecorino is a bold and tasty protein rich cheese that provides 12 grams per serving. It has a stronger and saltier flavor than parmesan, so it's a popular topping for pasta and several other Italian dishes.

4. Cottage Cheese

Protein per 100 Calories: 12.9g
This low fat cheese has been a staple in healthy eating for years, and for good reason. While it doesn't offer as much protein per ounce as other options, a serving size of cottage cheese is much larger, around half a cup. One serving of this size provides 12 grams of protein with significantly less fat than most other protein rich cheese options, making it a filling and heart-healthy choice.

5. Edam

Protein per 100 Calories: 7.0g
Edam is a European cheese that is known for its bright red wax wrapper. It contains over 11.5 grams of protein per serving and is usually mild, although aged varieties will have a sharper flavor, much like other protein rich cheese options you'll find. Look for it in specialty cheese sections at your deli or market.

6. Gouda

Protein per 100 Calories: 7.0g
If mild and creamy cheeses are more your style, gouda is a great option that's rich in protein, containing 11 grams per serving. It's a popular cheese that works well on a sandwich and on its own. Many people enjoy the slight hint of sweetness it offers.

7. Gloucester

Protein per 100 Calories: 5.8g
Another one of the highest protein cheese options you'll find is Gloucester cheese, named for the city in England where it has been made for hundreds of years. This cheese contains about 10.5 grams of protein per serving. It's relatively similar to cheddar and can be used as a substitute for it in many dishes.

8. Cheddar Cheese

Protein per 100 Calories: 5.6g
For most people, cheddar is a protein rich cheese that needs no introduction. It also provides 10.5 grams of protein per serving. One of the most popular cheeses in America today, you can find a variety of styles and flavors in any grocery store. Opt for a sharper variety to enjoy a more satisfying bite.

9. Colby

Protein per 100 Calories: 6.1g
With just over 10 grams of protein per serving, Colby is a mild, cheddar-like cheese that is incredibly versatile. It's delicious cold, room temperature, or melted and pairs well with both sweet and savory components. Like cheddar, it's very easy to find, but is often combined with jack cheese in grocery store settings.

10. Mozzarella Cheese

Protein per 100 Calories: 7.4g
Perhaps one of the most popular cheeses consumed today, mozzarella is a protein rich cheese marvel that weighs in at 9 grams per serving. It's mild, creamy, and palatable to some of the pickiest eaters but is also a great choice because it contains less fat than many other kinds of natural cheese. It's rich in probiotics, so it can offer many immunity and digestive benefits as well.

Adding More Protein Rich Cheese to Your Diet

To help you enjoy more muscle gains and a healthier life, consider adding more of the highest protein cheese options to your diet. Prospre can help you create the perfect meal plans for all of your health and wellness goals while including the foods you love most, including protein rich cheese. Download our free macro meal planning app to start hitting your protein goals today.

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