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Making Nutrition Simple

Nutrition Philosophy

Nutrition is the most important aspect of your health that you can control. However, taking charge of your nutrition can be overwhelming. Our goal is to make this easy by empowering people to make smarter food choices

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The App

With the Prospre mobile app, hitting your nutrition goals is a breeze. Balancing targets for multiple nutrients at once can be hard. Doing that while still eating a tasty and well-rounded diet is even harder. However, Prospre takes care of all of this for you. Just input your nutrition or fitness goals, and your food preferences, and Prospre will find the foods that meet all of your needs.

The Company

Prospre was founded in 2019 with the goal of making nutrition-focused meal planning easy. The idea for Prospre originated from our founding team’s frustration at the difficulty of planning meals for a macronutrient-based diet. Since then, our team has been dedicated to solving the problem of meal planning in nutrition.

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