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Nutrition Coaching

Get Help Planning Your Diet

Generate Custom Meal Plans

Get instant, personalized meal plans based on your macro goals with the Prospre meal plan maker. You can tell it which foods you like or dislike, how accurate you need your macros to be, and which meals you want to make sure you eat each day (like the cereal you eat every morning). If you don't like a particular meal, or a whole day, you can have it regenerated until you find something you like!

Fit in Treats

Everyone cheats on their diet every now and then, and there's nothing wrong with that. Prospre makes it easier to treat yourself, without straying from your diet plan. By using our "Fit Into Plan" feature, you can add a treat to your day, and the other items you have planned will be adjusted so that you can have that treat and still hit your macro goals!

AI Coaching

Whether you're trying to cut fat, or bulk up and add muscle, your diet will need to change over the course of your progress. Your macros will need to be readjusted periodically depending on how quickly your weight is changing, how hungry you are feeling, and other factors. With Prospre's AI Coach, you can get automatic suggestions for how you should adjust your macros to keep on track with your goal.
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Diet Tracking

Record Your Intake to Stay on Track

Scan Barcodes and Nutrition Facts

To make it easier to track the foods that you eat, you can scan the item's barcode and search for it in Prospre's database of over 300K food items. If you can't find it that way, you can go ahead and scan the nutrition facts instead, and the app will read the information straight off of the label. For foods without labels, like fruits and vegetables, you can also search the database directly by name.

Count Your Macros

Prospre makes it easy to track your macros for free. Right on the homepage of our food diary, you can monitor the progress bars for your calories, protein, fat, and carbohydrates. This makes it dead simple to check at a glance how well you are adhering to your calorie and macro goals.

Track Your Water Intake

Water is also an important aspect of your diet to keep track of (it's technically the foruth macronutrient!). With Prospre, you can set your daily water goal (or have a suggested goal calculated for you) and track each glass that you drink. This will help to make sure you are consistently staying hydrated.
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Automatic Groceries

Take the stress out of shopping

Generate Grocery Lists

Set the date range that you want to buy your gorceries for, and Prospre will automcatically create a grocery list based on what foods you have planned. You can then check off items as you buy them in the app, or print off the grocery list to bring with you to the store if you prefer that.

Order Groceries Online

Use the Amazon Fresh integration to have your cart prefilled based on your grocery list. This makes grocery shopping a breeze, with just a few clicks from start to finish and you have all of your groceries bought for your weekly food plan.
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