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Nutrition Coaching

Track Your Intake

Order Groceries

Nutrition Coaching

Built in coaching

Generate Meal Plans

Customize the amount of variation in your meals and the number of meals per day in your plan to suit your preferences and swap out the meals you don't like

Fit in Treats

Automatically receive adjustments to your plan to have your favourite foods

AI Coaching

Instead of paying a coach to keep you on track, get coaching within the app to keep you on track to reach your goals
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Track Your Intake

Stay on track

Water Tracking

Ensure you are getting proper hydration by inputting your fluid intake

Calorie Counting

Not following your generated meal plan? Prospre can still handle your nutritional needs

Track Your Macros

Use the app's calculated macros, or input your own values and track your carbohydrates, proteins and fats using the app's searchable database of foods

Barcode Scanner

Conveniently track the foods you eat using your phone's camera

Get Groceries

Take the stress out of shopping

Online Grocery Delivery

Have your groceries arrive right at your door through Amazon Fresh online ordering

Grocery Lists

Create weekly grocery lists out of all the ingredients in your generated meal plan to make grocery more efficient and less stressful
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